• [Rumor] 4+ New iMacs and 1 New Mac mini at Macworld 09

    Like every mac related event the rumor mill has spooled up and this year's rumors are directed at Apple's desktop line of computers. PC Perspective has an interesting and is betting that this years Macworld will show us four new iMacs and a new Mac mini.

    The iMac(s)

    Apple has been pretty excited lately about shoving some nice NVIDIA GPUs into their new macs lately starting with the new Macbook, Air, and Pro a few months ago. It is only rational to expect to see the NVIDIA influence leaking over into Apple's aging iMac line. What we might see are two new 20" iMacs that use NVIDIA design out of the new Macbooks and Macbook Pros. On top of that the larger 24" iMac would probably be available either with the Macbook Pro's 9600 GPU and another more high performance version would house a new NVIDIA 9800M series.

    Beasty iMac

    There is also the prediction that we will see something more impressive out of the iMac line but I would rate the likelyness as low. IF we were to see it it would probably end up in the form of a 28" iMac with the new Intel Core i7 processor with some sort of NVIDIA 9800M on board. While it would be cool don't look forward to it.

    The Mac mini

    The Mac mini is about the oldest computer in the mac line without a major update. If Apple plans to continue this line they will have to update all the hardware and make it more 2010 and less 2002. If they don't update it soon they will need to drop the product line all together. As expected the Mac mini is in the rumors for tomorrow as well. IF it shows up expect something with a front slot loading tray along with some updated graphics powered by NVIDIA's 9400/9300M chipset. It also may have dual displays, a new firewire 800 port and an additional usb port. If all the changes are made it could be a pretty solid little computer.
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