• Live Keynote 09 Coverage

    Please do not refresh repeatedly. The live blog will update automatically.

    Sorry for the lame quality photos - we had a slick camera all set up and ready, and last minute technical difficulties (as in, WHILE we were sitting down to start taking photos) screwed that French poodle hard. :/ So you get iPhone photos...

    Learn to play a D. Garage Band makes Guitar Heroes into guitar heroes.

    This guy makes Macbook and MBP batteries. After hearing about the new 8 hour battery life in the 17" MBP coming out late January, you love him.

    Longest battery life. Ever.

    Blurry, but beautiful. 6.6 lbs make the 17" MBP the lightest 17" notebook on Earth. Which probably makes it the lightest in the universe. Unless Venusians are manufacturing really light 17" notebooks lately. Venusians?

    iLife 09. Free with any new Mac.

    Sting sings simple songs. You learn them on guitar. $4.99.

    Phil Schiller is not Steve Jobs.

    Man I hate blurry photos. The new iMovie rights most of the wrongs the last one did.

    New charts in Keynote.

    iMovie has a cool feature where you tell it where you started and ended your trip, and it makes an animated globe - very Indiana Jones-esque, minus the airplanes.

    The view from the middle.

    Geolocating in iPhoto.

    Faces. iPhoto knows who you're watching.

    Glass trackpad on new MBP's.

    Blurry proof that you can share iWork documents to anyone with a major browser.

    $169 gets you Leopard, iWork, and iLife.
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