• NEW: 17" Macbook Pro | Late January | 8 hr Battery

    This guy makes Macbook and MBP batteries. After hearing about the new 8 hour battery life in the 17" MBP coming out late January, you love him.

    The 17" Macbook Pro gets a major update today, falling in line finally with the recent updates to the other Apple laptops. Starting at $2799 (same as its been), comes with 4GB of RAM, and can take up to 8.

    Probably most notable of the changes though, is the whopping 8 hour claimed battery life per charge, with up to 1000 charges per battery - roughly 3 times the average current laptop, and giving it a 5 year lifespan. MAYBE you'll actually be able to use your laptop as a legit workhorse, on the go. MINUS the looking-all-over-the-terminal-for-an-outlet bit.

    The longest-lasting Mac notebook battery ever.
    The battery in the new 17-inch MacBook Pro lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge1 and can be recharged up to 1000 times2 — compared with only 200 to 300 times for typical notebooks. To do this, Apple engineers custom-designed lithium-polymer cells to create the largest possible battery, then they went even further: They built the battery right into the computer, eliminating the space-consuming mechanisms and housings that standard removable batteries require. The result is a battery that’s 40 percent bigger than the previous generation and offers up to 8 hours of wireless productivity on a single charge — all in a notebook that’s less than an inch thin, weighs just 6.6 pounds,3 and remains the same price as the previous-generation model.

    But building a battery that lasts up to 8 hours is only part of the story. Giving it a lifespan of up to 1000 recharges required breakthroughs in battery technology. Apple electro-chemists developed advanced chemistry that maintains the battery’s charging capabilities longer than ever. And while most notebooks wear down their batteries by charging them at a constant rate, the 17-inch MacBook Pro takes a different approach. Using an Apple-developed technology called Adaptive Charging, a microchip on the battery constantly communicates with the computer to determine the optimal way to charge its cells, adjusting the current up and down depending on a variety of conditions. Combined, these advancements offer a dramatic improvement in battery lifespan: more than three times the lifespan of typical notebook batteries — up to five years.

    Other features include:

    • Three USB 2.0 ports and a FireWire 800 port for connecting faster peripherals.
    • Mini DisplayPort is a perfect fit for the new Apple LED Cinema Display.
    • Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at up to 2.93GHz.
    • 1066MHz frontside bus and 6MB of shared L2 cache.
    • 320GB hard drive (or up to 256GB SSD).
    • Multi-touch glass trackpad.
    • Just 0.98 inch thin and 6.6 pounds.

    Longest battery life. Ever.

    Glass trackpad on new MBP's.

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