• Snow Leopard UI Tweaks Emerge (Build 10A261)

    The leaked screenies of the latest build of Snow Leopard (build 10A261) show some interesting but fairly minor changes to the user interface.

    Put Back From Trash

    Probably the largest of the changes there is now more options in the Trash. "Put Back" returns the highlighted item(s) to the locations they were before you deleted them. Simple feature but very useful if you (like me) have a habit of digging in the Trash bin from some files you didn't really want to delete.

    Stacks Folder Navigation

    Stacks on the Dock was introduced with Leopard and is a great way to quickly view a folder of items from the dock. Grid view now has some extra nifty folder navigation. When you navigate to a folder from Grid View the Parent Folder is minimized up to the left hand corner -- reminiscent of cover flow.

    Keyboard Shortcuts Preference Pane

    The shortcuts are now organized in a more Finder-ish manner with the commands organized into various categories.

    That's about all for now. There is also a video of all of this in action here.

    [worldofapple via appleinsider]
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