• Apple to Announce Touch Screen Netbook Mac in June?

    A report by DigiTimes claims that Apple is has contracted the Taiwanese based company Wintek to supply touch panels for a new Apple netbook.

    Wintek revealed that it is currently working with Apple to develop some new products, but it said it does not know what applications the new products are for. Wintek added that no shipment schedule has been worked out yet, but shipments are likely to begin in the second half of the year.
    Could Wintek's revenues increasing 25% from January to February be the confirmation that they are really going to be providing these panels to Apple?

    Wintek has reported that its consolidated revenues for February totaled NT$1.81 billion (US$52 million), representing a 25.69% increase from NT$1.44 billion in January, but a 21.65% decrease from NT$2.31 billion for the same month in 2008.
    Rumors of a touch screen notebook or netbook from Apple have been running rampant for ever. When Apple COO Tim Cook said, "We don’t think people will be pleased with those products. It’s a category we watch, we’ve got some ideas here, but right now we think the products are inferior and will not provide an experience to customers they’re happy with,” it looked like the Apple netbook rumor was put to rest but now it appears otherwise. We believe at least that Apple has been testing a netbook of some sort behind closed doors even if it is not intended to go to production.

    Netbooks are a section of the market that Apple doesn't currently participate it. I for one would like to see an Apple netbook.

    note: the image is not real
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