• Analyst Firm Predicts iPhone 5 to Be Made in Q3, Points Out Obvious

    Analysts at FBR Capital Markets are predicting Apple's latest installment of the "iconic smartphone" will be manufactured in the third fiscal quarter of 2011, and released later in the year.

    They are also reporting Charlie Sheen is still crazy.

    And the moon isn't composed of cheese.

    The report drops other bombshells, including the iPhone 5 will have have an 8-megapixel camera, and a single baseband communications chip that will work on both CDMA and GSM networks.

    They then assured their readers water is still wet, and reminded them to take a breath after finishing each sentence.

    Also, the iPhone 5 will sport the same dual-core A5 processor that debuted in the iPad2 and it'll support 1080p video playback.

    The analysts closed the story by thanking their "industry contacts" Google and Search for all the insider information they divulged.

    The only bit of information that hasn't already been plastered all over the web by FBR's "industry contacts" are the production numbers they give. And thats likely because they're estimating based on a roll of the dice. According to FBR Apple will produce 20 million iPhones in the third quarter, with 8 million being iPhone 5s.

    Congratulations on pointing out the obvious FBR.

    Source: PC World, FBR
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