• Cheaper Macs on Their Way for Spring?

    Apple recently reported their Q2 earnings and for the first time in the last 6 years were unable to beat Mac sales from the same quarter the previous year. With that in mind it rumor has it that Apple is going to fight the current economic conditions by selling more budget-oriented macs. According to a report by AppleInsider

    . . . people familiar with the matter say Apple's move towards more affordable Macs isn't so much a response to Redmond's marketing antics as it is an interim solution to combat the proliferation of budget notebooks -- often called netbooks -- until the company is ready to introduce its own take on the market in the much rumored Newton-like web tablet, a project which is taking considerably longer to complete than once anticipated.
    These more affordable Macs could start showing up as early as spring and will probably consist of refreshed Macbook and iMac lines with the "pro" series computers remaining at current prices. There is no accurate price information about these supposed cheap Macs yet. The expense of purchasing a Mac compared to its PC cousins has been pointed out as a negative for years. Making the price closer could help Apple not only fight the economic slump but also gain market share.
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