• Apple Accuses Psystar of Withholding Information

    In the latest twist of the Apple vs. Psystar battle Apple has accused Pystar of withholding information. Apple wants to know where Psystar's money has been coming from and going since they have been doing business selling computers running Apple's OS X operating system. AS part of the discovery phase of the lawsuit Apple has the right to request documentation like balance sheets, monthly statements and other financial documents. According to Apple attorney James Gilliland:
    at the deposition regarding Psystar’s revenues, profits, assets and liabilities...Psystar’s CEO and founder Rudy Pedraza, the person designated by Psystar to testify on this topic, would not answer basic questions about Psystar’s financials.
    How many times did Psystar CEO Pedraza claim/refuse to answer these basic questions during the deposition? Approximately 90. He either doesn't know (doubtfull) or doesn't want to tell and his actions seem to support the previous conspiracy theory that Psystar has some of powerful backers.

    Psystar responded to Apple's accusations saying that
    Apple’s filing serves no other purpose than to serve as fodder for a blogosphere otherwise rabid for new details on this litigation or to incur unnecessary expense on behalf of Psystar.
    and then going further to say
    systar has produced the financial projections related to its products that exist and that are in its possession or control. Despite Apple’s assumption to the contrary, drafts of the financial projection document that Psystar created to obtain funding do not exist. The document ultimately sent to possible venture capital investors was a work in progress; Psystar did not print and save a hard copy whenever a change to the document was made. Because Apple wants a document to exist does not make it so.
    No documents exist anywhere on what Psystar has been doing so far? They don't exist or is it that they have been shredded and deleted? Isn't destroying evidence some sort of crime? It is hard to believe that a company doesn't keep important documentation like that on file. If things keep traveling in the direction they are going then tragically Psystar probably doesn't stand a chance (if they ever had one) in court.

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    [via worldofapple]
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