• Apple Macbook Line Best Laptops According to Consumer Reports

    The most recent issue of Consumer Reports includes rates the best laptops on the market today in terms of customer satisfaction. The Macbook ranks highest in the 13" category and the Macbook Pro ranks highest in the 15" and 17" categories. All in all it is a sweep of top honors in all laptop categories for Apple. The 15" Macbook Pro received the highest ranking with a 75/100 which runner up Toshiba Satellite mustered a 64.

    The total ranking score is made up of individual categories including performance, ergonomics, battery life, weight and many more. Apple Macbooks excel in the tech support services category taking top honors. When calling in via phone issues are solved with an 80 percent success rate, 90 percent when visiting an Apple Store. Apple crushes the industry average which only maintains a 60 percent solve rate.

    [via macnn]
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