• FTC Investigating Apple & Google for Antitrust Violation

    According to a report by The New York Times the Federal Trade Commission is currently investigating both Apple and Google for possible antitrust violations. Unnamed sources say that Apple and Google have been notified of the investigation by the FTC.

    The issue is that Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson both hold positions on the boards of Apple and Google. Sharing directors could mean that Apple and Google are violating provision under Section 8 of the Clayton Antitrust Act, regarding "interlocking directorates." The prevision is in place so that companies that both compete in the same markets will actually compete with each other -- sharing directors could lead to them working together in a market rather than competing.

    While just a few years ago this wouldn't have been a problem recent advances by both companies have left them doing business in the same markets. The iPhone and Andriod both compete in mobile communications, Safari and Chrome both are web browsers, Pisca and iPhoto both play with photos, etc etc etc.

    [via electronista]
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