• Apple, AT&T and many others sued over Shazam Music Recognition Capabilities

    Though we do not follow every Apple lawsuit closely - there are dozens of them - this one seems to be rather funny!

    A company named Tune Hunter, Inc. filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple and several other companies including Samsung, Napster, Motorola, Gracenote, LG Electronics, Pantech Wireless, and Cellco Partnership (Verizon Wireless) just because they allowed the download of Shazam - a music recognition app that infringes their "Music Identification System" patent - on their mobile platforms!

    In the patent, the company described it's application as relating "to a music identification/purchasing system, specifically to a method for marking the time and the name of the radio station in portable device such as a key holder, watch, cellular phone, beeper or the like which will allow the user to learn via internet or regular telephone the name of the song, artist and/or music company by matching the stored data with broadcast archive."

    This is quite similar to the core functionality of Shazam app that recognizes music being played from any source such as a radio, audio player etc, locates it in it's database and allows you to "tag" it to get certain information about the track like lyrics, related youtube videos, track review and much more, and even provides iTunes and Amazon link to purchase it.

    Though, the company doesn't have gripes with any particular defendant but broadly blames them for contributing to "willful and deliberate" infringement by allowing the app to sell even though it claims to notify "one or more" of them. The company seeks them to pay the damages and stop further infringement.

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