• Upcoming Snow Leopard Features Exposed

    Apple is going to give developers a preview of Snow Leopard on June 8th, but a guy seems to have already leaked some great upcoming features.

    A YouTube user "LeopardOctober" has recently posted 5-6 videos showing off the features of a new Snow Leopard build, b10A261.

    Here's a quick run through of what all videos shows.

    The first one titled "A Quick Look" shows some great new finder features like "Put Back" (which is quite similar to the restore feature on Windows), high resolution icons, Stack's navigation view, and the new finder services options and keyboard shortcut preferences.

    The next video named "In HD + NEW" repeats some features in the first video, and shows the video preview options and the chronological naming of a screenshot taken.

    The next one, "Dock and Substitutions" focuses on in-dock features like assigning application to spaces, moving applications to windows and some really great Text Substitution features like auto-correct, data detectors etc.

    Another video, "QuickTime 10" shows off new QuickTime, the much rumored "Marble interface" is present in it. It also shows off new save options which converts videos for iPhone, Apple TV, iPhone (EDGE) and "Desktop", which means some video converters are soon gonna be out of business...

    The fifth video titled "Finder QuickLook" shows how QuickLook has been implemented into the finder icon magnification system, to preview docs. The uploader speculates it to be a great feature for touchscreens as well

    The last one titled "Finder Preferences" shows some nice search preferences like turning on search for just current folder or whole mac.

    [YouTube via AppleInsider]

    UPDATE: All videos pulled. This ensures that none of these were fake at all!

    UPDATE 2: Found the second video from another user. Works now
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