• Palm Pre to sync with iTunes, "Flawlessly"

    The title says it all - and though I'll believe it when I see it, according to Fortune magazine it's 100% true. They claim on plugging the Pre into a Mac, iTunes recognized the device just like an iPhone/iPod Touch and synced "flawlessly" to it. This seems to be a direct attack on Apple's claim to "aggressively protect" it's Intellectual Property.

    Not only is Palm Pre allegedly infringing the iPhone's patents, but Palm has found some way out to make the Pre sync with Apple's own Music store as well!

    According to the source, all the music syncs perfectly except DRM'ed tracks purchased earlier. Now, the question arises - how did Palm get ahold of this technology, which was pretty confidential? The answer is quite clear - from Jon Rubenstein. He had been a top exec at Apple, and is rumored to have been fired because of his argument of adding a physical keyboard to iPhone. In fact, a recent argument has arisen that the Palm Pre is in fact his vision of an iPhone!

    Palm might not be able to sneak that easily, as this has some significant legal implications - and we already know Apple is the Lord of Lawsuits. What do you have to say about it Apple?

    On the other side, Apple might just ignore this as it is them who benefits from it by selling more music...

    [Engadget via Fortune Mag]
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