• Come Ye to Apple, or Get Ye Thine Own Help - One to One Revamped

    You've heard of One to One. You like it. You might have even bought it for some one. It's where you get a year of personal training (no more than one personal training appointment per calendar week) on a Mac, from a Mac specialist, in a Mac store, for $99. Nice idea, and useful for hordes of Mac n00bs.

    Well, as of tomorrow, in a push to try and encourage customers to purchase their Mac inside an Apple Retail location, Apple will soon be doing away with One to One as we now know it. Soon it will only be available to customers at the time of purchase of a new Mac computer.

    Here's some info on the new service:
    • The new One to One service will be rolling out on June 2nd in Apple Stores (June 8th for online customers).
    • This means that tomorrow (June 1st) Is the last day to purchase a One to One standalone (without a computer)
    • Current One to One customers will be able to renew for one more year (as soon as their current membership expires)
    • New One to One members (after purchasing a computer), will be able to renew for 2 additional years after the first year expires. Once these two renewals are used, they cannot buy One to One again unless they purchase another computer.
    • The new One to One will include a data transfer and personal setup with a Mac Specialist, and will include a free "getting started" class. These classes will take place every day at 5pm.
    • There will be no more "free" data transfers with the purchase of a new mac. (Unless you purchase One to One of course).
    • One to One sessions, which previously cut off at 1 hour, may now go up to 3 hours, and may include up to 3 participants. (How bout we rename this to One to Three, then, Apple?).

    In a continuing focus on the retail aspect of their business, Apple will also be remodeling over 100 stores this year, and opening 25 more.

    Anonymous tipster and USA Today
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