• Macbook Pro 13" Disassembled, Clunky SD Slot revealed.

    Just a couple short days after the Macbook Pro 13" was announced ifixit has gotten there hands on one and made an excellent disassembly guide. One of the first things discovered (before the mbp was even pulled apart) was that the SD card slot is a bit underwhelming and not spot on with Apple's design principals. Instead of having an SD slot where an inserted card is flush with the body, the card sticks out approx. half an inch -- very un-apple-esque. edit: That being said the whole thing is still pretty sexy

    Other things to note about the 13" Macbook Pro
    • No battery access door. This is in line with Apple's recent direction of long lasting internal batteries. As expected the battery is huge taking up a large portion of the Macbook.
    • Apple controversially removed FireWire from their most recent laptop updates. FireWire is back with the 13" Macbook Pro!
    • Computer lock has switched sides.
    • It is pretty simple to replace the hard drive and battery yourself if need be.

    Some pictures from the ifixit guide below!

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