• Snow Leopard Build Reveals UI Enhancements, More

    The latest almost complete build (10A380 ) of Snow Leopard 10.6 was distributed at WWDC a few short days ago. Now images from the build have made there way onto the internet. In addition to everything mentioned from previous builds Snow Leopard will also have the following tweaks/enhancements when you upgrade for $29 in September.

    Features listed in order with the gallery below:
    • Stacks in Grid View now has transparency.
    • Desktop and Screen saver control panels only has thumbnails now.
    • Folders Actions Setup has been moved to contextual menu
    • Mail is much speedier when rendering IMAP indexes.
    • When using Safari you can make highlighted text into a note or have iTunes "speak" it.
    • VoiceOver Utility has been completely overhauled in design.
    • The AirPort drop-down menu now includes signal strength.
    • Audio MIDI setup and Image Capture and menus have been redesigned.
    • Preview has two new views. Contact Sheet and Annotation.
    • QuickTime X is sexy.

    [michaelflux via appleinsider]
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