• Abuse Detection Technology?

    But it doesn't count if it's open handed, right? Wrong. In February of 2008 Apple filed for a patent that would be able to detect abusive acts on products such as Macbook Pros, iPhones, iPods, etc.

    These abusive acts would be stored into memory and would be used by Apple employees to determine whether a warranty is voided or not. The
    Consumer Abuse Detection System and Method
    has already been implemented, to a degree, in the devices listed above but Apple plans to take it to a whole new level.

    In theory, this abuse detection system would be able to tell Apple if the device was exposed to moisture, extreme heat, dropped, or tampered with. Bad news for people trying to take advantage of the warranties by saying it is hardware failure .

    According to Apple, this detection system would also be able to aid the devices by being able to:
    disable the electronic device if an issue is detected, potentially reducing the risk of damage to the device. The system would aim protect a myriad of parts on devices, including the screen, processor, memory, and potentially inserted devices like SD or CompactFlash cards.
    AppleInsider | Apple working on device abuse detection technology
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