• Apple Tablet for 2010?

    Image: Piper Jaffray

    More news in the Apple Tablet world. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is busy with more predictions about the future possibility of an Apple tablet to arrive in 2010. This time he comes around quoting an Asian supplier saying:
    Last week we spoke with an Asian component supplier that has received orders from Apple for a touch-screen device to be fulfilled by late [calendar year] 09 . . . This data point underscores our thesis that a tablet will likely launch in early [2010].
    What will this device be like? If Munster is anywhere near correct expect something as follows:
    • Be similar to an iPod touch, only larger, capable of running most of the 70,000 applications on the iPhone App Store plus a new category of apps designed for the bigger screen.
    • Will be used primarily for Web surfing, e-mail, and digital media, competing with netbooks without being a netbook.
    • Will be priced between an iPhone and a MacBook — between $500 and $700.
    • Is likely to include a 3G cellular modem and could be subsidized by a carrier — either AT&T (T) or Verizon (VZ).
    • Will sell better than Apple TV did its first year (1.2 million units).
    • Could in fact sell 2 million units at $600 each to generate $1.2 billion and add about 3% to Apple’s revenue stream in calendar 2010.

    At $600 I'd defiantly consider picking one up . . . been waiting for an Apple tablet for years now.

    via fortune
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