• Snow Leopard Reaches Gold Master

    The next OS X Operating system, Snow Leopard, has reached Gold Master meaning it has been developed far enough to be released into production. The timing is about right for it to reach gold master as Snow Leopard is slated to go on sale this September for only $29 -- it takes a bit of time to manufacture and ship all those DVDs after all

    Snow Leopard is a major upgrade of Mac OS X mostly in functionality:
    • Improved Speed, especially in Finder, Mail loads 85% faster, Time Machine 50% faster, 64 bit support for nearly everything including Safari 4 (Javascript 50% faster).
    • Improved hardware usage with better multi-core support.
    • Half the install size at 6GB increasing install speed by 45%.
    • MS Exchange Support.
    • Improved stability everywhere.

    UI tweaks include:
    • Put Back from Trash lets you undelete things to the locations they were originally.
    • Stacks has folder navigation.
    • Some Preference Panes have been redone like Keyboard Shortcuts, Desktop and Screensaver controls.
    • Couple more, check here and here.

    You can pre-order your copy of Snow Leopard via Amazon for $29 (single computer license) or $49 (5 computer license)

    via appleinsider, mac4ever
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