• Apple Event in September, Cheaper iPod touch with more capacity?

    MediaMemo via 'various' music industry sources reports that Apple is planning an event in the second week of September. These September events are usually reserved for launch of new iPod devices, refresh of the current ones or some iTunes related stuff. From the previous experience, it's probably going to be on Tuesday - September 8th.

    Release of the next-gen iPod touch and iPod nano are quite a possibility. These might sport the new and much rumored in-built camera and microphone and maybe some other unmentioned stuff. And as per a recent rumor by Daring Fireball, the iPod touch could even get a new memory option of 64GB followed by the removal of existing 8GB because iPod touch has two NAND slots in comparison to iPhone's one . . . Apple could even lower the price on this one to stay one step ahead of Microsoft's Zune HD.

    Another announcement could be for iTunes 9 with the rumored 'Social' features such as Last.fm integration as leaked in the images. Last but not the least, it could be the most anticipated Apple Tablet.

    Who knows what might be coming but we'll keep you informed!

    via MediaMemo and DaringFireball
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