• More Leaked iTunes 9 Screenshots

    Following the first iTunes 9 image leak last week and the Blu-ray support rumor more alleged iTunes 9 images have made their way onto the internet. The images show many new features for iTunes 9.

    Facebook integration is an interesting feature which allows you to connect your Facebook to your iTunes. You can create playlists via iTunes and share them on Facebook. They pop up on your wall as iTunes links so all your friends can run out and buy what you like to listen to.

    Next is additional device support. Out of all the possibilities for iTunes 9 we believe this one is the least likely. Apple historically does everything in their power to make sure that iTunes is for iPods and iPhones, not other companies devices. Most recently Apple and Palm have started in a cat an mouse game centered around Palm Pre syncing with iTunes. The image shows iTunes syncing with a Samsung MP3 player.

    via boygenius
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