• There's No Business like "Snow" Business for Apple

    This weekend, myriad Mac users will likely appreciate Snow Leopard more for what Apple chose not to do rather than for what they chose to do. Indeed, Snow Leopard doesn't represent an extreme change from the user experience we grew comfortable with from Leopard.

    Apple avoided what may have been an overwhelming temptation to radically change Snow Leopard’s interface. But instead, they
    concentrated on less sexy attributes: including improved speed, a smaller OS footprint, improved 64-bit capability, etc.

    Best of all, as chronicled at the Dev-Team Blog this weekend, Snow Leopard "poses no new wrinkles for the redsn0w jailbreak or ultrsn0w unlock."

    * You can use redsn0w to jailbreak any iPhone or iPod Touch using OS X, Windows, or Linux. For both 3.0 and 3.0.1 firmwares, you should point redsn0w at the 3.0 IPSW. If you see it hang at “waiting for reboot”, just unplug and replug that USB cable.
    * You can use ultrasn0w to unlock the iPhone 3G/3GS, or BootNeuter to unlock the iPhone 2G. Both ultrasn0w and BootNeuter are available via Cydia.
    * You can use PwnageTool for Mac to create custom IPSWs with pre-installed packages.
    Having Apple on board (I guess that would be "snow boarding") is a positive thing... and a great forerunner for things to come.
    The latest OS, I think, portends favorably for luring PC users over to Mac.

    Other cool improvements?

    Disk Space: Snow Leopard takes up less than half of the disk space.

    Expose: It’s been integrated into the Dock for more convenient, organized viewing.

    File sharing: more energy efficient sharing of files between computers or other devices.

    Power: Waking up from sleep mode is twice as fast,

    Connectivity: The wireless network is up to 55 percent faster.

    Printers: Snow leopard routinely checks for the latest driver. Just plug in a printer and it will download the latest driver over the internet.

    Recycle bin: Restored items from the recycle bin are now placed BACK in their original location.

    I’ve been using Snow Leopard for only a day - hardly a sufficient period of time to enjoy a robust and thorough user experience. But all in all, it looks and works great thus far. And based on this latest success, Apple is poised to be playing in the "snow" for a while to come.

    Okay, I'll stop with the snow puns now.
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