• Flash, other fixes in 10.6.1

    Developers have gotten hold the latest beta of the upcoming maintenance release, called Mac OS X 10.6.1 build 10B503. In addition to updated Flash, there are fixes to Bluetooth, Mail, the Dock, networking and printing, among others.

    Apple was criticized for "stealth downgrading" Flash Player on Macs that had previously been running Leopard and Flash Player The upgrade fixed a number of security holes, including one that had actually been used by a number of hackers in July. If you are running Snow Leopard and have not updated your Flash Player, you should definitely do so now.

    There is a workaround for an issue noted with manual DNS entries and DHCP - currently if you enter DNS server addresses, then it ignores any that are supplied by your DHCP server is not used at all. The Network Diagnostics utility under Mac OS X 10.6.1 will allow users to delete manually-entered DNS values.

    Reports note SMTP fixes on Mail and improved support for Bluetooth printers. The release will also include printer drivers for both Bonjour and USB printers, and generic drivers should be available when you go to select them from the print driver list. There are also reported fixes to graphics drivers, wireless WAN cards and the DVD player.

    World of Apple got hold of the seed notes, detailing some of the issues fixed by the maintenance release:
    • compatibility with some Sierra Wireless 3G modems
    • an issue that might cause DVD playback to stop unexpectedly
    • some printer compatibility drivers not appearing properly in the add printer browser
    • an issue that might make it difficult to remove an item from the Dock
    • instances where automatic account setup in Mail might not work
    • an issue where pressing cmd-opt-t in Mail brings up the special characters menu instead of moving a message
    • Motion 4 becoming unresponsive

    There are also the following reports on the [ame="http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=8416152&postcount=15"]Mac Rumors forums[/ame].

    • Bluetooth connection to nearby printers on startup
    • libdispatch object use after deallocation
    • Printer custom keywords added/edited by auto setup tool are now migrated after software update
    • WWAN devices that use the AppleWWANSupport2 component
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