• Hidden Snow Leopard features

    TidBITS released a nice compendium of some of the nicest new features of Snow Leopard that aren't immedately obvious, including:

    • More reliable disk ejection: you now see the disk's icon dim after selecting "Eject," and you get an explanation of why when Mac OS X won't eject your disk. There's also now a "Force Eject" option (use at your own risk, of course)
    • Location, location, location: Snow Leopard can determine your time zone from information provided by your Wi-Fi hotspot - in your Date & Time preferences, choose Time Zone, and tick Set Time Zone Automatically
    • Wake on Network Access: if your MAc is a server, it will continue broadcating Bonjour information even when asleep, and will be woken by requests over AirPort or Ethernet
    • Expose Shortcuts: With all windows visible in Expose, you can press Command-1 to arrange the windows by name or Command-2 to arrange them by application. Pressing the Tab key will cycle through all the running applications. Press the spacebar while pointing at a window to expand it
    • Descriptive Screenshot filenames: Instead of "Picture 1," you now get "Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 11.26.49 AM"

    There's More on Apple's Snow Leopard Enhancements and Refinements page.
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