• What Role Will 3D Display Have in Future iDevices?

    One of Hollywood's newest and biggest love affairs centers on the movie industry's appetite for all things 3D. At no time in recent memory have film studios been so aggressive in their efforts to ramp up plans to produce, film, and distribute movies for 3D screens. Accordingly, in the age of mobile digital content consumption, audiences are growing eager to enjoy the same thrills of big screen entertainment on the small screens that trail their every step.

    Herein lies the birth of a much-talked-about possibility this week, one that suggests Apple is considering using 3D technology in future iDevices, most likely the iPad 3. "The fact that the iPad 3 is 3D is a dead cert,” one Hollywood insider tells RCR Wireless, which noted the close relationship the source has to Hollywood-based major production studios.

    She went on to say that the big film studios were currently running around like blue arsed flies trying to gear up to release plenty of 3D content in time for Apple’s next launch.
    Of course, as with similar speculation about Apple possibly embracing over-the-air iOS updates in the future, the prospect of a 3D-capable tablet screen isn't altogether groundbreaking either. The new PlayBook, after all, supports 3D video, even though a major drawback is the fact that it must be connected to a 3D enabled TV screen via HDMI to function. Oh yeah, and it requires those fashion-challenged 3D glasses.

    Although the web is populated daily with talk of what Apple might do in subsequent product refreshes, the concept of Cupertino infusing future iPads with glasses-less 3D screens isn't too terribly difficult to fathom. After all, the iPad has become one of the world's most popular contemporary platforms for consuming digital media - and, in particular, movies.

    Should the iPad 3, for example, turn up in 2012 with corresponding 3D viewing technologies, the feature could prove a major selling point to no shortage of on-the-fence buyers and current iPad owners considering the upgrade.

    Source: RCR Wireless
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