• iTunes 9, Out in a Moment, Here's the Scoop (Live Now)

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    iTunes 9 will be showing up in your software updates very shortly (edit: it is live now check software updates.) and there are a ton of new features included. Let's start out with my personal favorite one; arrange your iPhone and iPod Touch springboard via iTunes (pictured above). Face it, this is a feature that has been needed since the App Store went live, arranging apps by hand on the iPhone is a total pita. Thanks Apple! (and thanks Movement for making it happen first)

    The Genius is now smarter and with over 27 million libraries submitted, 54 billion songs, Genius Playlists are sexy.
    Imagine a genius DJ that plays endless mixes of songs from your library that go great together. You just click on one of the mixes, and start playing it -- and it will go on and on and on. It's like a great radio station.
    Syncing of course is also improved (as in every iTunes update). This go around itunes 9 is able to sync genres, artists, and these new Genius Playlists.

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    iTunes LP (above) - buying an iTunes LP gets you video, liner notes, credits, lyrics, and all sorts of custom content like you'd get when you bought an LP from the store. To go along with iTunes LP, iTunes Extra for movies (below) is just like iTunes LP - imagine DVD special features, but in iTunes.

    image via gizmodo

    Last but not least iTunes 9 is hooked into the social media megasites of Facebook and Twitter. Directly from iTunes, you can gift music, add to a wishlist, or send them directly to Facebook or Twitter. What does that mean.. I guess just "check out this link" kinda thing..

    That's all folks! an iTunes 9 update that has some real meat inside. Be checking your software updates because this will be live for download any time now. edit: it is live now check software updates.

    Like always beware of new iTunes downloads if you are a jailbreaker. There is always the possibility that any itunes or iPhone update will break jailbreaking. We'll tell you asap if its safe.
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