• Apple TV Begins Disappearing Overnight

    Image via i.testfreaks.com

    In case you didn't already notice, Apple made a few changes seemingly overnight.

    And I mean overnight ... literally.

    Our friends at MacRumors just rolled out with the news.

    Apple has quietly discontinued the 40GB Apple TV overnight and reduced the price of the 160GB model down to $229. Previously, the 40GB and 160GB models were priced at $229 and $329, respectively.
    Although many were hoping for Apple to unveil newer and bigger plans for Apple TV at last week's media event, it seems the company is moving further from this possibility with each passing day. And for now, Apple is only offering the 160GB model at $229.

    The Apple TV hardware has remained essentially unchanged since its introduction with the exception of hard drive size. Apple has always referred to the AppleTV as a "hobby" project and is still exploring ways to expand the market.
    Of course, no one is pronouncing Apple TV completely dead in the water yet. As the article also highlights, we have to keep
    in mind that Apple's new iTunes LP bundles were "likely formatted specifically for the Apple TV."

    I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon just yet that is already heading down the road for big expectations of a substantial Apple TV software update in the coming weeks or months. For now, it just seems like Apple's plate is too full to roll out any game-changing developments for Apple TV.

    Of course, if you think I'm mistaken, I would be happy to hear your thoughts otherwise.
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