• Conde Nast, Apple's Newest Publisher Play Thing

    Weekly recap of Magazine Publisher World: Time Inc. announces magazine subscribers will be able to view iPad versions of their magazines for free. Then Hearst stole Apple's heart and announced they made a deal with the devil to provide subscription for their magazines starting in July.

    Now, The New York Post is reporting Conde Nast will get the last laugh and be the first Publisher to pop Apple's subscription cherry.

    The deal, to be announced officially next week, will make subscriptions of The New Yorker available immediately. Seven of Conde Nasts' magazines (Wired, Golf Digest, Self, Allure, GQ, and Glamour) will follow and be available via subscription by the end of May, beating Hearst's offerings to market by at least a month.

    With the new subscription model in place the current price of single issue digital copies will be cut from $4.99 ($3.99 for Glamour and Wired) to $1.99. Annual subscriptions for each magazine will sell for $19.99.

    The tidal wave of activity in the last week between Apple and publishers is surprising. Both sides have remained stoic in their positions over key dividing issues involving subscriber information until the last few days. Publishers want as much detailed information about their subscriber base as possible. Apple doesn't want to give them that information. It appears as though Conde Nast and Hearst will utilize an opt-in system to get more information from consumers. The problem for publishers is they must get subscribers consent before getting the information.

    Earlier this week I posed the question who would prove more important, the Pulpit (Apple) or the Preachers (publishers). Well it looks like Apple just bought the church.

    Source: The New York Post
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