• Snow Leopard: It's All in the Details

    image via Finer Things in Mac

    I use my Mac for work, and don't often have as much time as I'd like to click around and explore. As a result, I've found a few Snow Leopard refinements purely by chance, but have learned about most of them by word-of-mouth. The Finer Things in Mac blog has become a cool resource for finding out about some of the lesser-known new features, and I've already made changes to my workflow and settings based on some of the things I learned about there.

    The Stacks list in the above screenshot is a custom view that resembles List View in a standard Finder window. It can be enabled, as I learned on Finer Things, by entering the command line

    defaults write com.apple.dock use-new-list-stack -bool YES
    followed by:
    killall Dock
    If the Stack is set to “View content as: List,” you’ll see a list view like the picture when you click the Dock icon.

    Some of the submissions are merely observations, such as the fact that Software Update is more informative of when an upgrade is complete, or better-worded button text on Empty Trash. Other posts are more practical and helpful, such as the one that shows that you can drag all of the apps from one Space to another. That's something you'd have to have explained to you: it's not something that easy to do accidentally.

    Like Minimal Mac, another site that shares tips and tricks for simplifying and smoothing out how you do your work on a Macintosh, this blog is a community of people who are looking at how to do the things they do in a better and easier way. Apple did a pretty good job of improving the user experience in the latest operating system upgrade. Sites like these make it easier to learn how to put those improvements into practice.
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