• Apple I to Go Up On eBay Next Week

    image via Apple1forsale.com

    One of the last remaining Apple I computers is being put up for auction on eBay next week, and the 82-year-old owner, Monroe Postman, and his son have posted some pictures online, including one shot of the logic board signed "Woz."

    The Apple I had a 1 MHz MOS Technology 6502 CPU, with 8 kB onboard RAM upgradable to 32 kB, and a maximum resolution of 40◊24 char at 60.05 Hz.

    The computer was purchased at an estate sale some time around the year 1980, though Postman doesn't recall how much he paid for it. "It wasnít an historic event for me," he says, "so I didnít make note of how much and where at the time."

    Postman was a member of the original Homebrew Computer Club back in the 70s when it met at the Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC) site in Palo Alto. In a chat interview with the Applefritter website, Postman says his "interests have evolved over time... [a]nd there are so few of these Apple 1s out there, itís time for someone else to enjoy it.Ē

    Postman currently works with the Department of Veterans Affairs, using sensors, hydraulics and computer control to build solutions that provide rehabilitation and assistance to stroke victims, paraplegics and quadriplegics.
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