• Apple Penetration Increases to 12%; Cohabitation the Norm

    image via Softpedia

    According to a recent study, approximately one of every eight households in the US that has a computer has at least one with the Apple logo on it. That's an increase of about a third from last year. At the same time, the vast majority of those households - about 85 percent - also have a Windows box.

    According to the 2009 Household Penetration study done by the NPD Group, 66 percent of these Apple-owning households have three or more computers. Only 29% of Windows only households had so many computers. 72 percent of the Apple households had at least one laptop, as opposed to only 50 percent of Windows households.

    Apple owners also more likely to have iPods (63%) than Windows owners (36%), and are above the norm in terms of owning all types of consumer electronics gear. 50% of them have some kind of GPS/navigation system compared to 30% of Windows users.
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