• Apple Mac OS X 10.6.2 Seed Released to Developers

    The second maintenance update to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard was reportedly seeded to developers Monday, with dozens of minor bug fixes and performance improvements. The seed, officially designated build 10C514f, is said to be wide-ranging with tweaks to everything from Address Book to Bluetooth and USB drivers, Xtype, AppleScript and OpenCL among many more.

    According to reports in AppleInsider and elsewhere on the Internet, the seed has a few typical pre-release issues, such as the DVD Player hanging, Parental Controls preference pane causing a crash and inability to recognize or eject an optical drive.

    Reported areas of fixes or tweaks include Address Book, AppleScript, AppleScriptObjC, ATS, ColorSync, Component Manager, Core Animation, Core Audio, Core Chinese Engine, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Text, File Manager, Garbage Collection, Graphic drivers, Help Viewer, ImageKit, IOHIDFamily, Networking, NS Image, OpenCL, OpenGL, OSA, QT Kit, Speech Recognition, Sync Services, and Xtype.
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