• Talk of Snow Leopard Bug Resurfaces

    Image via NewTech

    Only days after Snow Leopard was released, talk first surfaced (September 12th) of a data deleting bug. Strangely enough, in the last seventy-two hours, the Apple Support message boards have been cluttered with comments from users who report seeing their data lost as the result of this bug in Snow Leopard.

    According to iTWire, which is covering the surge in complaints, the bug resets user settings and deletes all user data.

    A bug has been reported in Apple's new Snow Leopard version of OS X that can result in the loss of an entire user account's data. The glitch seems to be triggered by using a Guest account and then trying to log back into a regular account.
    Here's what is apparently happening. After a user logs into the 'guest' account and then back into their usual account, the user then discovers that their primary account has been fully reset. The home directory still exists under "/Users/username" but is completely empty.

    Speculation is that something makes Snow Leopard treat the regular account like a Guest account, from which by default all data is deleted upon logout.
    Some are theorizing that users who had Leopard before the upgrade and had the guest account enabled are at the greatest risk of losing their data from this glitch.

    For now, the simplest proposed solution for this problem (which has proven a disaster for some) is restoring the deleted data from a backup. Inventive solution? No. But, at present, it's how some are guarding against losing everything permanently.

    An article on MacFixIt suggests disabling the Guest account entirely, or at least disabling it and then re-enabling it so that it's a native Snow Leopard account. Another suggestion for those who need a temporary account is to create a new Standard account and use Parental Controls to restrict it.
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