• Apple.com Goes Dark, Conspiracy Theorists Unite

    Image via AfterDawn.com

    This morning I found myself reading the Washington Post online and stumbling across how Apple's website actually went dark last night. Personally, I didn't notice. But according to MG Siegler of Tech Crunch in a piece carried by the Post, a "big boy" crashed last night.

    No, I'm not talking about the Apple Store being taken down for its routine maintenance. I'm talking about the entire site being down, returning a "Http/1.1 Service Unavailable" error for about 15 minutes now.
    A crash for Apple isn't an every day occurrence. Using Akamai to serve the website and its content, the Apple site was down everywhere, according to Siegler who quickly ran some tests. Typically, when Apple turns off the lights its because a major change or update is coming.

    Well, that didn't happen. But it certainly is making people wonder what's up.

    That's fairly crazy, and likely points to a an original source server error not on Akamai's end. But still, you'd think Akamai would have have a cache to serve rather than an error.
    Since looking into the matter myself, I have already encountered more than just a handful of conspiracy theorists who say there's something rotten in Denmark. Was Apple.com intentionally taken down last night for a reason yet to be made public? I have no answers to report on that front, only the questions I am hearing from others.

    Let's break out those conspiracy theories. I blame Twitter.
    In and of itself, the outage isn't major news, but as major media outlets and other blogs continue to reported it, a "big story" has been made of a brief glitch that probably holds no significance or untold secrets.

    Of course, if you think I'm wrong, please weigh in on the matter and let us know why you think differently.
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