• Sanyo's New Camcorders Tap Apple’s iFrame

    Image via Wired

    Apple's latest video format, iFrame, is intended to make camcorders more efficient across the video production landscape (particularly in exporting video). And Apple has teamed with Sanyo to help push iFrame onto the world's digital video stage.

    From Wired's Gadget Lab:

    Apple is aiming to make camcorders more friendly to the user. Or at least, it wants to make importing and editing video easier. To this end, it has revealed a brand-new video format called iFrame, and it is included in the latest iMovie update. This would be useless on its own, but Apple has persuaded Sanyo to have its cameras default to iFrame, and two models have already been announced.
    iMovie 8.0.5, which rolled out this past Tuesday, helps camcorders peacefully coexist with the iFrame video format. For now, though, only Sanyo's VPC-HD2000A and the VPC-FH1A support iFrame. But expect that to change.

    To be sure, iFrame is a sweet offering from Apple, but its unorthodox video resolution of 960x540 (30fps) is somewhat puzzling, particularly since both Sanyo cameras shoot 1080p at 60fps. This leads Charlie Sorrel at Wired to postulate that "iFrame mode will be a little like shooting jpegs on a RAW-capable camera — easy and quick to use straight from the camera but also of lower quality."

    Although iFrame is being billed through Sanyo as a "revolutionary new format" for optimal video production and computer editing, serious videographers take heed. This is more like a toy for an amateur than it is a tool for a professional. Then again, there will likely be no shortage of folks for whom the decrease in file size will compensate for the loss of quality.

    Why bother? Because many video cameras shoot in formats that cannot be directly edited. When you hook up a camera to iMovie (or another program) and it says it is “importing”, it is converting the file to a format which can be edited. iFrame, on the other hand, can be edited directly as it comes from the camera.
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