• Manufacturing "Hiccups" Cut iPhone Supply, Especially in Europe

    image via Mobile Computer

    Apple has demand for more iPhones than it has the ability to supply, and this is worrying the money people who have banked on Apple's success. In particular, there's concern that supply problems - noted in global markets outside the US - will hurt revenue and cause the stock price to drop.

    With Apple due to report its quarterly earnings on Monday, Wall Street analysts are going through the manufacturer's sales numbers with a fine tooth comb. While there are many who see boom times ahead for Apple, one in particular, Yair Reiner at the investment bank Oppenheimer has his concerns.

    "We believe Apple could report in line to slightly disappointing [fiscal fourth quarter] revenue," he wrote this morning, suggesting investors should wait for Monday's report to buy shares because he thinks the stock price will be cheaper. He blames "component/manufacturing hiccups" for sales he estimates will only reach 6 million by the end of the year.

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is slightly more optimistic, estimating Q4 sales of 7.5 million iPhones but notes that Italian wireless carrier 3 Italia says it could double its sales rate of 20,000 iPhones per month if they only had the supply.

    "While supply constraint is an issue near-term," Munster wrote, "we see it as a long term positive, as worldwide demand appears to be very strong for the iPhone 3GS."
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