• How to add weather widget to homescreen

    Ever wanted to know the weather without opening weather app every time?

    If yes, then this your lucky day! Follow the guide below add a weather widget to the homescreen! (Only for 2.x version)
    You must have WinterBoard installed to follow this guide.

    Here are the steps you need to follow:

    1. Download the weather widget from here.

    2. Extract the zip download in the above step to get .theme file.

    3. If on a mac, right click the file and choose show package contents. If on windows, it will simply show up as a folder, open it.

    4. Open folder named private.

    5. Open the file named configureMe.js, edit the things below and save it. On a mac, use text edit and on PC, open it with notepad or textpad.

    • City, Country: Change it to your City and Country (Beirut and Lebanon in our example)
    • stylesheet: change it to the stylesheet you want (split in our example)
    • iconset: change it to the name of iconset (klear in our folder)
    • interval: change it to time (in minutes) after which you want the weather to refresh (35 minutes in our example)

    6. Connect to you iPhone using SSH and go to directory /Library/Themes/ and place the .theme file there.

    7. After that, go to winterboad and activate it.

    All the credits for making this possible goes to Zetetic Apparatchik @ MacThemes2 Forum

    The credit for taskbar stylesheet and taskbar_city stylesheet goes to therealduckie and Gitykins @ MacThemes2 Forum
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