• iFixit Tears Down New MacBook

    Once again, iFixit has gotten right out front with taking brand new Apple hardware and tearing it apart. The new polycarbonate unibody MacBook went on sale only yesterday, and by mid-day today they had already completely disassembled the thing and done a full analysis.

    The iFixit teardown, complete with excellent pictures, a video teardown (with porn soundtrack) and detailed observations, shows that the new entry-level MacBook brings a lot of the features of the higher-end MacBook Pro and Air, including a longer-life battery and use of PC3-8500 RAM, which unifies the RAM type used by all portables in the current line as well as the iMac family.

    Highlights of the new design:

    • Polycarbonate unibody with aluminum lower case
    • LED backlit display
    • multi-touch glass trackpad
    • Non-replaceable battery
    • No FireWire port
    • No IR port (so no new Apple Remote for you)
    • No external battery indicator
    • No Mini-DVI port, replaced by a Mini DisplayPort

    iFixit is working on a set of complete repair guides for the MacBook. Given their work in these teardowns it's likely that the guides will be pretty useful. They suggest that you follow their Twitter (@ifixit) for updates on their progress.


    image via iFixit
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