• Apple: No New Products Before 2010

    In what has become a pre-Christmas tradition, word has come down from Apple upper management that "the holiday lineup is set" for this year. Observers interpret the message as a way of motivating shoppers who may have been waiting for new products.

    Gizmodo reports on a comment made by Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in the one-on-one media briefing. While they were discussing the recently released products such as the iMac 27, the new Unibody MacBook, and new Magic Mouse, Schiller made the following flat statement: "There are not going to be any new Apple products this year." After Gizmodo went public with this report, an Apple representative called them and refined the message to "The holiday lineup is set."

    This language is almost identical to a statement made last November, a time when the internet was awash in rumors about speed bumps to the iMac line.

    The comments may be an attempt to quash rumors sparked by the recent discovery of unreleased MacBook Pro models listed in a configuration file in the latest Mac OS X 10.6.2 build, or simply to get consumers out there and shopping for the holiday season.

    image via Electricpig.co.uk
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