• iTunes TOS Change Leaks Impending Release of Apple TV 3.0

    If you buy something on iTunes today you may notice something odd on the Terms and Conditions update screen (that is if you care to read it, as I usually don't). The update displayed today makes reference to "Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher," which doesn't exist yet.

    The new language under the "iTUNES LP AND iTUNES EXTRAS" section is as follows: "iTunes LP and iTunes Extras Products are usable only on computers with iTunes 9 or higher and Apple TV with software version 3.0 or higher."

    The new iTunes LP and iTunes Extras formats were released in September. Both are built with the TuneKit JavaScript framework which uses open Web standards like HTML and CSS to deliver rich, Flash-like media. iTunes LP adds additional content like photos and videos to albums purchased on iTunes, while iTunes Extras adds bonus materials for movies - deleted scenes, interviews and the like - much like those that are included on DVDs.
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