• Flash Performance Problems Reported on 27" iMac

    Engadget is reporting on two separate Apple Support threads on performance issues involving Flash playback on the new 27" iMac. The different reports are not resolving to a specific set of symptoms, and no fix is reported or imminent.

    The basic issue being reported by numerous users is slow playback of Flash animations. A user is reporting Activity Monitor "spiking to 105% CPU usage every few seconds," noting that his iMac is "straight out of the box," just running factory installed applications. Speculation on the forums has led to the assertion that there is a bug that is forcing the hard drive to spin down repeatedly to cause the slowdown. Others have asserted that the culprit is a corrupt Snow Leopard build preinstalled on the iMac, as well as the ever-popular "bad permissions" problem.

    An example of the behavior can be seen in the following video:


    Anyone experiencing similar issues with a new iMac? Apple could probably use your input on the Support forums... as this may prove to be difficult to nail down.

    image via Apple
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