• Snow Leopard Halloween "Trick:" SystemUIServer >90% CPU Reported

    If you were, like me, using your Mac late on Hallowe'en night, you may have noticed your fan kick in at about the time the clock did its "fall back" from Daylight Savings Time. Many users did, and lit up Apple's Support boards for the hour until it was finally 1:59:59 again in their particular time zone, when most everybody's fans quieted down. Users noticed that the SystemUIServer process took up from 90 - 100% CPU usage, with some reporting launchd and syslogd also stressing the processor.

    A workaround was discovered, which was simply to turn the menu bar clock off momentarily. However, since the high usage level generally went away at 2am, with the overwhelming majority of users probably having missed the whole event, the workaround was unneeded for most.

    One helpful user in the threads did a sample in Activity Monitor and noted "CFAbsoluteTimeAddGregorianUnits" coming up frequently in SystemUIServer. There was disagreement over whether the bug was an understandable oversight or sloppy programming. The problem does, however, seem to have come and gone. Anyone seen any lasting effects?
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