• Report: Apple Should Get a Move On with $600 Tablet

    I don't want to be one who tries to tell Apple what to do.

    And fortunately, I don't have to. A new study published by shopping site Retrevo does it for me. And I think it's safe to say most Apple fans would agree with the consensus presented.

    The study, of which a summary was published this morning by eWeek, presents that $600 is the "pricing sweet spot" of the upcoming Apple tablet to help ward off consumer considerations of the ever-popular netbook.

    Just in case Apple does produce a tablet/slate product, consumer electronics shopping site Retrevo decided to poll its users and find out who would buy one and for what price.
    So what did the survey by Retrevo reveal? Its survey of 753 customers (mostly from the US) showed that nearly seventy percent of Mac owners are willing to pay more than $600 for an Apple tablet. Only 36 percent of PC owners would cough up a similar amount. As a result, it is Retrevo's formal recommendation for Apple to roll out its mythical tablet for the aforementioned acceptable of $600.

    I'm sure the only think holding up Apple's decision so far was a study of this nature from Retrevo, right? (Insert sarcasm here).

    Nonetheless, the survey does shed some light on what a lot of Apple customers are thinking in terms of the ideal pricing for an Apple tablet - an important consideration for releasing such a product during a still tenuous economy leading into the holiday shopping season.

    Among Mac users, 27 percent said they’d pay between $600 and $800, while only 16 percent of PC users said the same. And upward of $800? Retrevo found 41 percent of Mac users still onboard, while only 20 percent of PC users were game. Retreveo also encourages Apple to get a move on. It reports that “59 percent of the iPhone owners who responded to the survey [say] they already own or plan to buy a netbook this year.”
    Ya hear that, Apple?

    Image via Apple
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