• iPhone Temperature Warning Screen Discovered!

    We've seen various weird iPhone screenshots before, including that of the Prototype OS, but this one is nice and new... and hot.

    A guy named Jeff posted a screenshot of the iPhone indicating the iPhone got overheated. There's no doubt if it's fake or real as the same can be found even in the Apple Knowledge base, but most of us have never actually seen it.

    Donít sit next to a pool in Scottsdale Arizona when itís 104 degrees or your iphone will melt away! So how to fix it fast? I put the iPhone between 2 cold beers and it worked!
    If you've seen this screen before, let us know about your experience!

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    1. Jacob0813's Avatar
      Jacob0813 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mfleigle View Post
      It's definetly real here are the strings inside the springboard.strings file:

      <string>iPhone needs to cool down
      before you can use it.</string>

      There is also a file you can edit if you want to disable the alert:
      private\var\preferences\SystemConfiguration\OSTher malStatus.plist

      I only have this file on my 3G not 2G

      Yeah, My iPod Touch 4g says that the temperature is too high 24/7, and i was wondering how to get rid of that file, or if i even can? mind showing me?
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