• A Retraction From Apple's Ad Man

    Earlier this weekend, some idiotic bloggers had the audacity to report that Apple's advertising guru Lee Clow was stepping down after an impressive career with Apple, which included crafting the company's iconic "1984" ad introducing the Mac.

    Apparently, some folks had their information wrong when it came to reporting this news. (Don't see below, unless you want to confirm that I am one such idiot).

    But it turns out that everyone who reported this story (from tiny blogs to major media outlets) had their facts a little jostled too. And, perhaps as a result of rattled nerves from Apple fans concerned with growing competition in the marketplace, Apple has been quick on the draw to explain that advertising guru Lee Clow is staying put with Apple and not jumping ship to, say, Microsoft.

    This morning, Apple Insider presented the following note from Lee Clow to Apple employees:

    So we tried to promote Duncan Milner because of the great job he's been doing leading the Media Arts Lab and look at how the blogosphere decided to make it a conversation about me.

    As you all know, I'm here every day meddling in everything that goes on, pushing the creative on many brands including keeping an eye on Apple.

    I remain Chairman of MAL, Global Creative Director of Media Arts and Chief Creative Officer of TBWA Worldwide.

    I'm not going anywhere.

    Love, Lee

    So after some degree of confusion, it now seems that Mr. Clow isn't going anywhere. That comes as a great relief to many who think that Apple will need some of its best marketing material ever to stay ahead in a competitive climate that has everyone from phone makers to video game pioneers aiming to take a piece of Apple's bountiful pie.

    So, welcome back, Lee Clow. Glad to hear you never left!

    Image via AdAge
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