• New Mac Game Permanently Deletes Your Files... Like It's Supposed To

    If you like living life on the edge and treasure the personal files living on your Mac, you're going to love the potential adrenaline rush of a new game that, while incredibly stupid to some, will infuse a tangible element of pain to losing at a video game.

    MacWorld is profiling the game called "Lose/Lose" this week on its website. In what seems to be more of a psychological experiment than an actual game, "Lose/Lose" is clearly designed to satisfy the thirst for danger possessed by so many Mac Users. So how does this "Russian Roulette for your Mac" work?

    Itís reminiscent of classic arcade games like Space Invaders, but with a sobering twist: Each time you destroy an alien, the game deletes a file from your Mac. Forever.
    In what has to be one of the truly most bizarre games to ever turn up on the Mac, the seemingly retro, simple to use and enjoy video game carries with it a hefty penalty for losing. Apart from permanently deleting files when an alien encounter goes wrong, if your "ship" is destroyed, the actual game subsequently deletes itself from your Mac's hard drive.

    Zach Gage, the game's maker, issues a stark warning above he download link for this game: Lose/Lose permanently deletes files from your hard drive. Itís not meant for hardcore gamers.

    ďBy way of exploring what it means to kill in a video-game, Lose/Lose broaches bigger questions,Ē Gage writes on his site. Gage himself doesnít seem entirely clear on what those bigger questions are. He meanders through a few ideas, including the value of data versus the value of real objects and the question of what the real point of the game is.
    Typically, I like to experience first hand any device, game, or software that I'm writing about before I actually publish any related comments. This time, however, I need to come clean. I'm staying clear of this one. But if you've given it a try, I'd love to hear of your experience.

    Image via MacWorld
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