• YourTube - Download YouTube Videos FROM YouTube.app

    UPDATE: It's out.

    Remember MxTube? MxTube is officially extinct. Another victim of survival the fittest. YourTube will be available via CydiaStore sometime in the Very Near Future IS NOW AVAILABLE in the Cydia Store, and my goodness is it brilliant. We got ahold of an early tester version, and it's everything a YouTube downloader should be.

    For starters, it's A PART OF YouTube.app. Well, technically it's an extension using MobileSubstrate (saurik's magic doorway to the iPhone for devs), built by pumpkin - point being, it integrates seamlessly with YouTube.app. And it works beautifully...

    Say, for instance, I just love SNL's Mother Lover bit (I do). And I'd like to have it on my phone, or desktop, regardless of whether I'm connected to the net. What do I do? With YourTube installed, I just open YouTube.app, and find the video like I would normally. Click on the little blue arrow next to the video (which is always there), and... what's this? A new button in the top right - download. Press that, and (if there's multiple qualities up) I'm asked if I'd like to download the High Quality or Low Quality version of the app. Well thanks, YourTube, I'll take the High Quality version.

    The same cute familiar animation you'd see in iTunes.app when you choose a song appears, the video jumps down to my Downloads tab, and if I tap that tab... there it is. Coming down quite nicely. I can even swipe to cancel or delete.

    The quality is even better than you'd expect (much better than on 3G, which always shoots me the Low Quality version - unless I'm running 3G Unrestrictor), and all downloads are viewed/managed from within YouTube.app itself from the Downloads tab.

    The downloaded movies are in an .mp4 format, so any iPhone file browser should be able to play them as well as YouTube.app itself. Of course, if you're the SSH type who'd prefer to grab them yourself and toss 'em to your desktop, check out /var/mobile/Media/Downloads/YourTube/ to see a list of your files. The file names aren't too pretty, heh, but you can grab any of your downloads from there as well.

    There's no official word on price yet, but the rumblings on the street suggest a $2 tag. EDIT: Yup, $2 is official. And I'd pay more. Snap this one up, only available on the Cydia Store, sometime in the next 24 hours most likely.

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