• Attention Hits Hack in 10.6.2 Enabling Atom Support

    Even though some discovered this information weeks ago, only now is it widely coming to light as high-traffic news and rumor sources like 9to5Mac are finally promoting word that Atom support can be enabled by a hack in 10.6.2. And while this news doesn't come as a major shock to anyone, it is somewhat surprising how quickly a fix has come along to effectively "work around" the decision by Apple to drop support for Atom processors in OS X 10.6.2 - a move that effectively killed Hackintosh netbooks.

    A Russian hacker was able to slap an old Atom-supporting OSX Kernel on the newer Mac OS 10.6.2 build and get it running on his little Atom netbook. Depending on how much Apple cares, we'll probably see this shut down in 10.6.3. Rinse. Repeat.
    The Russian hacker behind this development (named “Tea”) is responsible for making a patched kernel tailored for the Atom CPU. Fairly straightforward and simple, copying this to the root level of your drive and rebooting should then restore everything back to the way it was in 10.6.1.

    If you can't read Russian, it's important to note that "Tea" didn't personally give this kernel a whirl on 10.6.2. Some other intrepid souls, however, did follow "Tea's" recommendations. And according to most known reports, everything went according to plan and worked as "Tea" had anticipated.

    Yep, we knew this would happen. Apple, for whatever reason (they didn't test it and don't care or they are trying to prevent Hackintosh) killed support for Atom in their latest 10.6.2 build.
    While this news is a welcome gem of information to many, it's certainly a frustrating reality for Apple - but not for the reason most would immediately suspect. Rather than thinking Apple merely wants to impede the Hackintosh movement wherever possible, it's far more likely that Apple hopes to prevent copy-cat troublemakers like Psystar from pulling their usual stunts and casually ringing the register on the intellectual property that rightfully belongs in Cupertino.

    Image via Insanely Mac
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