• SmartScreen - Productivity, Customization & Style Finally Comes to Your Lockscreen

    Imagine if you will for a moment, the thought of accessibility, customization, and ease of use, that the iPhone lockscreen could potentially have. Its probably the most looked at screen simply due to the fact that the damn thing locks so quickly.

    Now stop imagining. This is no longer a fantasy. By now I'm sure a good handful of you guys are using LockInfo, Intelliscreen, or some other variation of a lockscreen replacement. These have all given us a taste of the productivity we can achieve from our lockscreens, but each one has fallen short in some way. Whether it be long load times, or mind boggling customization which requires you to edit some code, we all crave that perfect lockscreen.

    Today all jailbroken users can rejoice. The time has come for SmartScreen to show us some real power. SmartScreen is a lockscreen replacement for your iPhone/iPod Touch with incredible power. All of the great UI features in the iPhone OS have been brought into this amazing new app. It behaves just as if it were a native part of the iPhone. For any Mac users, you know how widgets should work and feel. SmartScreen widgets are very similar to those we see on our Mac OS X.

    By simply swiping through the widgets we get a feel similar to the springboard, in that we have pages rather than just what the lockscreen real-estate has to offer. Not only can you swipe through these widgets, you can rearrange them just like app icons! I **** you not! Tap and hold, drag and move. It's that simple!

    The Full version also comes with iPod Control, toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Edge and 3G, and even a shake to shuffle function, along with an updates page. To top it all off you can even hide widgets or show and preview the widgets. The Lite version has everything but theses controls screens and the iPod Shake to shuffle.

    Now not only do we have the most incredibly smart… SmartScreen… Media Phone has released an SmartScreen SDK for 3rd party developers to create their own unique widgets. A quick glance in the Widgets Gallery on their website shows there are some great widgets already available, such as animated clocks, various weather feeds, twitter feeds, calendar, events lists, pi address, traffic, blogs, and so on. Have a look for yourself here: Widget Gallery : SmartScreen Widget Gallery - MediaPhone

    Note: There are currently only 4 widgets actually available for download. DevTeam Updates, Clock, Notes, Calculator. You must download these in addition to lockscree, as none come pre-installed.

    This release brings us a lot of potential, and we should see a lot of widgets coming down the pipeline soon! If you want to try out SmartScreen the LITE version is FREE! (Yes free and not that limited) and the FULL version is $5.00.

    To download SmartScreen add this repository to your sources in Cydia: http://apt.media-phone.ch
    Widgets are also available in this repo.

    What are your thoughts on the new SmartScreen! Share your comments below!

    If you want to grab the SDK:
    SmartScreen SDK - MediaPhone

    Official Site:

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