• Apple Refusing To Repair Macs Belonging to Smokers?

    It's no secret that smoking is bad for you.

    But did you also know that it's bad for your Mac? With news emerging that Apple may not touch your machine if you touch a cigarette, perhaps smokers will find twice the incentive to kick the habit, which could very well kill their Mac long before it kills them. And what is life really worth anyway if it has to be endured with a busted Mac?

    According to a new report from Tech Radar, several smokers have reported being refused repair service for their Macs by Apple.

    Why? It's all about the evidence. Upon opening the machine, if "evidence" of tobacco use is apparent (smoke residue in the Mac), Apple may effectively pronounce your Mac dead on arrival, void the warranty, and not repair your machine.

    According to reports from Mac owners seeking repairs under warranty, the company claimed evidence of cigarette smoke inside the machines in question constitutes a "biohazard."
    One smoker quoted in the story was allegedly informed that "Apple would not require an employee to repair anything deemed hazardous to their health."

    For sure, its a controversial policy that will leave some Mac fans jumping for joy and others outraged that a company of Apple's size would "discriminate" against their "right" to smoke and live as they please within the private confines of their home or office. So how does Apple get away with this?

    As the company's Applecare warranty does not specifically exclude machines showing the presence of smoke or nicotine from repair, it's likely that Apple will fall back on its 'extreme environment' clause that lets it off the hook.
    While Apple is largely correct that a potential biohazard could emerge for their Apple Store employees working on a machine infested with tobacco smoke, this policy, which is bound to seem polarizing to many, also sets an important precedent for the company. In essence, if you are responsible for damaging your machine as a direct result of tobacco smoke seeping into the Mac, why should Apple be on the hook for free repair service or replacement even if your machine remains under warranty?

    If Apple does indeed begin refusing to service the machines of smokers on a widespread scale, we're bound to hear plenty more about this topic in the days and weeks ahead. So let the debate begin now. Is Apple right or wrong to implement this policy?

    Image via GameSpot
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